MGI Technologies Download / Support Area

Look here for product brochures and specifications, quick reference & installation guides, manuals, and software. Most documentation is available in PDF. Download the latest viewer from Adobe. Some files have been Zipped to reduce size.

Hitachi Drive Brochures
  L100 Brochure 909KB PDF
  L100 Series Quick Reference Guide 77KB PDF
  SJ100 Series Quick Reference Guide 151KB PDF
  J100 Brochure 222KB PDF
  L300P Series Brochure 790KB PDF
  J300 Series Brochure 314KB PDF
  SJ100 Series Brochure 639KB PDF
  SJ300 Series Brochure 999KB PDF
Hitachi Drive Manuals
  L100 Inverter Manual (NB576XA, Rev. A) 3,460KB PDF
  SJ100 Inverter Manual (NB585XD) 5,143KB PDF
  L100/SJ100 PID Manual 506KB PDF
  L300P Inverter Manual (NB583XB, Rev.B) 5,305KB PDF
  SJ300 Inverter Manual 7,404KB PDF
  J300 Inverter Manual (NB506XC) 1,354 KB PDF
Hitachi Accessories
  SC-OPE 3H Manual 2,357KB PDF
  SC-OPE 3I Manual (.zip file) 2,152KB PDF
PDL Drive Brochures
  PDL Microdrive Elite 719KB PDF
  PDL Ultradrive Elite 862KB PDF
  PDL Xtravert 393KB PDF
  PDL Microdrive V 636KB PDF
  Vysta 209KB PDF
  Rodmax - Rod Pump Control 970KB PDF
PDL Drive Manuals
  Elite Series Technical Manual (4201-180J) 1,539KB PDF
  PDL Xtravert Manual 833KB PDF
  Profibus Interface Manual 869KB PDF
PDL Software
  DriveComm (0305aa35) (Zip file) 3,667KB ZIP
  Drivelink (0407aa27 V.2.7) (Zip file) 5,919KB ZIP

Hyundai Contactors
  Hyundai Magnetic Contactor Brochure 5,455KB ZIP
MGI Products
  Power Supply Relay Module Manual 269KB PDF
  Dynamic Brake Module Manual 361KB PDF
  Bypass Module Manual 196KB PDF
Harmonics in Industrial Power Supplies 194KB PDF
MGI Integrated VFD System Technical Manual 594KB PDF