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Hyundai Motors

Crown Triton Series Inverter Shield

  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
  • Variable torque (0 to base speed) & 10:1 constant torque
  • Hyundai's Inverter Shield low stress insulation system
  • Cast iron construction
  • NEMA design B or C torque
  • Class F insulation
  • Premium efficiency, exceeds CSA C390 requirements
  • NEMA MG 1, Part 31


For more than twenty-five years, Hyundai Heavy Industries have been manufacturing industrial electric motors to meet global demands.

Hyundai's state of the art facility produces a wide range of motors to meet the diverse demands of today's market place.

Quality Control Hyundai Heavy Industries is a registered ISO9001 facility, insuring product standardization, strict guidelines and product dependability.

Approvals Due to the global market serviced by Hyundai, all products carry CSA, UL and CE verification. In addition, many of the motor lines carry a wide variety of marine approvals.

Design Specifications All products introduced into the North American market meet or exceed  specifications as outlined by the North American Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).  Vast selections of metric design motors are also available.

Product Line Due to the varying demands and applications of electric motors, Hyundai manufactures many different series of motors, each offering unique and beneficial features.

Availability Hyundai offers access to one of the most comprehensive motor lines in the world.  Available from 1 HP to 50,000 HP, low, medium and high voltage, Hyundai can meet your requirements.

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